Data Scientist

Find trends in huge datasets for fun and profit.

We live off of making sense of the data we consume. We're looking for someone who's not only well versed in statistics but also capable of implementing algorithms and putting them into production. Our ideal data scientist holds a scrappy, Macgyver-like attitude and is wary of ivory towers. Understanding the basics like Naive Bayes is a start, but you'll win our hearts over if you've shipped your own spam filter or created a usable product based around machine learning. If you love theory but prefer to put things into practice, let's talk!


  • Experiment with our pricing data to find valuable pricing trends
  • Prototype methodologies to categorize products and improve our product ontology.
  • Write software that identifies different types of products from free text.
  • Ship to production using pandas, numpy/scipy.


  • Statistical Programming: R or Matlab
  • Python scientific frameworks: pandas, numpy, scipy.
  • Excel
  • d3.js


  • BS or MS in Systems Engineering, Statistics, or related field.


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  • Tell us about your experience doing data science-related work
  • Link to an interesting project you've worked on in the past
  • LinkedIn, Github, etc.
  • If you had complete access to the twitter firehose, how would you use it to make huge profits on the American stock market?

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