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About Us

Priceonomics is the price guide for everything. We're a team of four who are passionate about reinventing how people search, discover, and purchase products. We're based in the heart of San Francisco, on the edge of SoMa/Mission. Our investors include Y Combinator, Spark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Ron Conway (SV Angel), Crunch Fund and many more. More about us here.

We've indexed hundreds of millions of posts on the web, and we're pulling in millions more each day. We love Python, Django, and Celery and hope you do too. We're big postgres fans, but we use whatever tool is best to solve the problem at hand.

What We Do

We help people make smarter purchase decisions through simple, accessible price reports that show exactly how much things are worth as they depreciate. This in turn helps people make smarter purchase decisions. As it stands, even the big giants are notoriously bad at helping people buy things.

How We Do It

We analyze hundreds of millions of e-commerce transactions on the web. As of lately, we’ve been indexing about 2 million pages per day. We have a small indexing codebase that uses a combination of Python, Django, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Celery (the 3.0 release looks awesome), and most recently, rq to make sense of these pages in a highly-concurrent fashion.

In short: efficiently storing and analyzing all this information can be a difficult job, and we’re looking for someone who is up for the challenge. It’s a hard task, but the rewards are great and you’ll be influencing people’s purchasing decisions.

We also use this data to find fascinating insights into resale markets. See some of our recent findings that have been syndicated in some well-known publications like The Atlantic and The New York Times.

Some Perks:

Current Job Opening: Front-End Developer with Focus on Data Visualization

The front-end engineer at Priceonomics is one of the most important roles in the company. We're looking for someone that truly loves data visualization and can own the consumer experience on our site.

If you can code in Ruby or Python, are a front-end whiz with HTML/CSS/JS, and can kick off your product ideas with conceptual mockups in Photoshop, you will be a great fit here at Priceonomics. As a lean startup company, you will be expected to be self-directed, complete projects end-to-end, push code daily, and leverage past experience building great consumer products to continue the current growth rate of doubling the usage of the Priceonomics user base every 6 months.



How to Apply

Send your resume to We’re looking forward to working with you.

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