Reliability Engineer

Rock-solid systems that tell us before they break

At Priceonomics, our primary competitive advantage is telling stories with data. We've been doing this for years with our blog and are constantly improving the state of the art of content marketing. Our new product, Tracker, was originally built as an internal tool to help us understand the impact of our writing. We started with integrating Google Analytics, social sharing data, and our own web crawlers to produce an accurate, comprehensive picture of our own performance. We like Tracker so much that we decided to open it up and allow anyone to start tracking their own articles.

As a well-rounded developer, you will join the Priceonomics team to take Tracker to the next level. You should crave data on a primal level and know how to use it to make sense of the world. You should love digging into hairy problems and insist on automating everything that needs to be done more than once. Self-healing systems with absurd uptime are the peak of engineering perfection in your world.


  • Take ownership of unit and integration testing
  • Maintain and advance the state of our internal systems monitoring
  • Make the final call on when new code gets pushed to production


  • Working knowledge of Linux systems
  • Experience with distributed systems
  • Advanced knowledge of Python OR two other languages
  • Strong drive to learn and build things that work


We're a Python shop and rely heavily on open source technology. Linux for production, whatever you want for development.

  • Django
  • Celery
  • Redis
  • AWS
  • PostgreSQL


Email to In your message:

  • Tell us about the most impressive project you've built. Links to code would be great but we understand if you can't share.
  • Include a link to your GitHub/BitBucket profile. If you don't have any open projects listed, include a Python project you can share, along with an explanation of what it does and why that's significant.
  • Recruiters please don't bother.

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