Well, Priceonomics launched!

We’re building the price guide for everything, from bicycles to boats, Aeron chairs to iPads. We hope as you look to buy or sell things you can use our data to get a good deal (or at least prevent yourself from getting ripped off). For example Priceonomics can show you how much a used iPad 2 3G  should cost, as well as a whole range of prices:

If you’re a seller, the basic use case for Priceonomics is, “how much should I list this for on Craigslist?” Already, people are using our guides as a reference when they’re selling their goods:

For now, we’ve started with price guides for over 50,000 items. Someday soon we will fulfill our ambition of letting you figure out the right price of any item ever made. For now check out our selection of bicycles, phones, computers, cars, speakers, mp3 players, and more.

You can use our data to do pretty neat things. Checkout the price reports for some interesting products:

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