Searching through Craigslist is not a task for the meek: there is an impressive amount of junk hiding the occasional gem. But the gems are really great stuff!

To spare you the pain, this author went through most of the furniture section on Craigslist San Francisco today. So, here’s a curated list of the best used furniture for sale in San Francisco right now.

If you know anyone that lives in San Francisco and needs to furnish their place, send them this list before all the items get sold. Or better yet, buy the stuff yourself!

1. Eames Molded Plywood Coffee Table - $600

2. Room & Board Dining Table & 4 Chairs - $750

3. Room & Board Hutton Style Sofa - $550

4. Roll Top Desk - $230

5. Teak Coffee Table - $250

6. Design Within Reach Twilight Sleeper - $1000

7. CB2 Sleeper - $550

8. Crate & Barrel Sofa - $650

9. Pottery Barn Mahogny Dining Table - $220

11. Cushman Colonial Style Desk & Chair - $400

12. School Desk & Chair - $60

13. Orange Ikea Chair - $100

14. Cashmere Swan Chair - $220

15. Macy’s Mid-Century Modern Style Chair - $275

16. Sold Wood Round Coffee Table - $450 (CAT NOT INCLUDED)

17. Design Within Reach Media Console - $700

Okay, that’s the best stuff for your home on Craigslist SF as of right now. If you want any of this stuff, get cracking before someone else snags it!

If you found this useful, let us know and maybe we’ll do this more often and for more cities!

This post was written by Rohin Dhar. Follow him on Twitter here or Google.

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