Realtime Rental Data for Every City in America

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Realtime Rent Trends

We crawl the web to get realtime rent prices for multi-family and single-family units

Data Feed of Comps

A daily Excel download of 100s of comps for any location you're tracking.

Anywhere in the US

All cities, all zipcodes, all neighborhoods.

Realtime residential data collected from the web

Thousands of comps
Realtime trends

How Companies Use Priceonomics

Case study #1: Phones

How much are used phones, tablets, and other electronics worth? Priceonomics helps recommerce companies understand industry “buy-back” prices as well as the market clearing prices for used items.

Case study #2: Hedge Funds

Track the growth signals of public companies. How fast is a product growing? How many reviews did it get today? How is the company ranking for important SEO keywords that drive their sales? Is a retailer discounting? What is their inventory like?

How the Data Crawling Service Works

Tell us

the website you need crawled and the data you want

We crawl

the data and make sense of it

Data is delivered

via API or spreadsheet

Pricing for Data Crawling

Pricing is typically $2K per month per site you need crawled. You simply tell us what you need and we deliver it to you. As you increase the number of sites you need data from, the cost per site decreases.

We offer "weapons grade" data crawling to help you get data feeds. Typically, our customers bring us in for large, complex jobs where they need critical data regularly delivered to them. We do not do "one-time" scrapes of websites.

We provide ongoing maintenance and delivery of the data feeds. To get a price quote, just contact us.