About Us

Priceonomics helps companies crawl and structure data from the web. We also write about data, economics, and business on our blog. We’re based in San Francisco, CA and funded by great investors like Y Combinator, Spark Capital, SV Angel and more.

A wide variety of companies use our services to get structured data from the web. Our customers range from startups, hedge funds, consulting firms, real estate investors, and governments. If your company needs data crawled from the web, contact us.

At Priceonomics we crawl data, write about data, and sell data to business. If any of these areas of focus are interesting to you, we are hiring.

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Rosie Cima


Rosie is proud to be a Priceonomics staff writer. She's usually making slow progress on several different music, digital art, and literature projects at a time, and generally tuckering herself out. Enjoys punk rock shows. MA Journalism, BS Symbolic Systems -- both from Stanford.

Zack Crockett


Zack is an in-house writer for Priceonomics; previously, he served as a managing editor at Hyperink. He plays a multitude of stringed instruments, climbs mountains, and is currently working on a collection of South American travel narratives.

Rohin Dhar

CEO, Founder

Rides a bike and drinks coffee. Previously, co-founder of Personforce, a network of tech job sites that reaches 80 million users. MBA from Stanford and BA from Dartmouth. New dad.

Fred McDavid


Fred has written software to manage hospital resources during emergencies, to scour real estate markets for hidden gems, and, once, to map UFO sightings across the US. When he's not writing code, he's growing hops which he intends to sell to craft beer brewers. Fred has two kids.

Brendan Wood


Brendan is in charge of data crawling at Priceonomics. Previously he was at Salesforce / Radian6. Brendan trained as a mechatronics engineer and he hails from the east coast of Canada. BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick.

Elad Yarom

System Engineer

A huge fan of *nix operating systems and FOSS, he also brews beer and loves to travel. Originally from Israel, he’s previously worked for the IDF and a local ISP as well as an ERP developer. He has a B.Sc. C.S. (Networking) from the University of New Brunswick.