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All these articles are basically ones we wished that we had written. Some of the best stuff ever written wasn’t written recently, so most of these articles are older classics. Enjoy:

1. Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?


The quintessential piece of reporting on the diamond market from 1982. Calls into question whether diamonds have any intrinsic value or whether their prices are driven by market manipulation and marketing.

2. Battle of the Flagships (57 Headphones Compared)


As promised, this article compares 57 different headphones. This kind of devotion is mildly insane, but we’re glad that people like the author are out there. We can only imagine how long and how expensive this process was. We recommend skimming.

3. The Best


The case for having fewer, better things.

4. Stuff

You don’t own stuff. Stuff owns you. Written by Tyler Durden Paul Graham.

5. I’m a shut in. This is my story.

A glimpse into the world of someone who doesn’t want what most people want.

6. The Mark of a Masterpiece


Possible the best thing ever written in The New Yorker. The protagonist of this 2010 article applies science to figure out whether paintings are authentic masterpieces or fakes. His approach is rebuffed by the conservative art world, but, halfway through the essay, there is a huge friggin’ surprise. The essay is very long and worth a ready, but TechDirt has a TLDR version.

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