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Priceonomics wants to publish a longform article about your mom. Or your dad, grandparent, guardian — really, any family member or individual you care about.

Most individuals’ stories go untold, and we think that’s a shame. Every person’s life has triumphs, adversities, and sacrifices that are every bit as interesting as the stories covered by the media. Your mom, for instance, has a compelling story — and so does your dad, and just about everyone you know.

The piece will be around 2000 words (the length of one of our typical in depth posts or a magazine article) and we will tell that person’s story in a really compelling way so that it will be both something you are happy with and something we’re proud to publish. We’ll uncover what it is that makes your mom interesting.

When we profile someone, we spend a lot of time on it and really aim to tell his or her story. Whether it’s the inventor of the Aeropress, the father of claymation, the designer of Apple’s first icons, the jellyfish entrepreneur, or your dear ‘ole mother, we love how fascinating people are when you take the time to talk to them.

This is a promotion for our new book, Everything Is Bullshit, and we’ll pick one person’s family member to write about and feature on the blog.

How can you be selected to nominate someone to be profiled? You can either 1) buy our book, Everything Is Bullshit and email us the Amazon receipt or 2) physically mail us an original poem.

Here’s the nitty gritty about how to enter the contest. Simply email your Amazon book receipt to info@priceonomics.com and you’re entered. We’ll aggregate all the order numbers and do a lottery to pick one winner. We’ll then follow up over email to arrange the piece. If your receipt is for multiple orders because you bought copies for all your friends, we’ll count your entry multiple times. No purchase is required to enter the contest; alternatively, you can physically mail a letter to our contact address (at the bottom of the page) and request to enter the promotion via an original poem and with your contact information.

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Don’t drive and read Everything is Bullshit at the same time.

So, to recap, if you want the writers of Priceonomics to do an epic, longform profile of your mom or someone close to you, then: a) buy our book Everything is Bullshit,  and b) email the receipt to info@priceonomics.com. If you’ve already bought the book, just send along your existing receipt. If you’d rather not buy the book, mail an original poem to our office address. Normally the mail we receive totally sucks so a poem would brighten our day.

If you are selected, the story of your mom, dad, or loved one will be immortalized forever on the Internet. You’ll likely enjoy our book as well.

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