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Today, apparently, is a day called Giving Tuesday. For the occasion, our friends at Crowdtilt suggested organizing a group purchase of signed copies of David Raether’s book.

If you read his guest post “What It’s Like to Fail” (or our post about the backstory), you know that David was a successful writer on the Roseanne show and father of 8, until he lost his job, became homeless, and his family was forced to separate. His blog post on Priceonomics helped generate over $3,000 in sales of his self-published memoir and is helping him get back on his feet.

Here’s the link to David’s Crowdtilt Campaign

With the Crowdtilt campaign, if you donate $1 or more, you’ll get a signed version of the the paperback version of David’s book. This normally goes for around $17 on Amazon, so it’s a good deal. We hope you’ll consider donating more than a dollar to David’s campaign.

Twenty-five people need to participate in the campaign for it to get funded. This a one-day campaign, so it’s only valid for 24 hours. Thanks to Crowdtilt for putting this together.

Here’s the link again for the campaign.

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