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At the Priceonomics Data Studio, we help companies create data visualizations and content marketing that spreads. 

We help companies create newsworthy content based on their data that gets picked up in the press. This can be great for PR, SEO, and customer acquisition.

Since we think our approach is highly effective, we are able to charge based on performance. We charge a base amount to create an article for our customers and only turn a profit if the article gets 5+ press mentions from top tier outlets for our customers.

Here are some customer examples of articles we created and press outlets that picked them up. in each example, we not only created the content and performed the analysis, but we helped spread it using our software tools and distribution capabilities:

1. Here’s an article we help Redbooth, a project management software company, create. And here’s a sample of the press outlets that picked it up.



Fast Company






2. We helped Policygenius, an insurance search engine, create an article about health in America that got the following pickup:

SF Gate

Digg Frontpage




3. Article we did with Earnest, the financial services company, about when people start to “outgrow IKEA.” It received a 100+ press mentions, including:

4. Here’s an article we helped the apartment rental site Renthop create. Some of the press hits it received:

5. A piece we did with AdRoll, that got great pickup:

6. Here are articles we produced that each got hundreds of press mentions and 100K+ views.

7. A piece we created for PwC.


We have many more examples in a variety of industries. The approach is effective for consumer companies, b2b companies, and industries ranging from fashion to enterprise software.

To learn more about working with Priceonomics, please send us a message here to set up a meeting.