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At Priceonomics, most of our office furniture has been purchased at IKEA. Generally, IKEA is guaranteed affordable and fashionable, two qualities we look for in furniture. Although we bought most of our furniture brand new, we’ve since built price guides on everything from used desks to used mattresses. This has made us realize what great deal you can find on the used market.


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Most people shop at IKEA stores and stay away from used markets because they find everything they want right in stock at the warehouse. If you like this convenience, that’s perfectly fine. If you’re looking to save some money while staying fashionable, consider IKEA hacks, the art of creating furniture with basic IKEA components. Below we’ve outlined our three favorite DIY IKEA TV stands. Happy hacking!


Lack TV Stand



Image credit: AnthonyMek, Instructables.

By itself, the Lack is known as IKEA’s basic TV stand. It has a large compartment for basic accessories like a DVD player and a gaming console. But what if you need more storage space? You could upgrade to the Hemnes TV stand that’s priced at $179. Or you can refashion your own entertainment center as Anthony did above.

Materials: 2 Lack TV Stands ($60) and 4 Ekby Laiva shelves ($8)

Total: $68.

Savings: $111.


Low Lack Attack TV Stand


a television on a table

Image credit: Sisi, IKEA Hackers.

If you’re don’t necessarily need a lot of storage and want a basic yet appealing TV Stand, then check out Sisi’s design. Cleverly combining side tables with a dressing table top, she was able to hack an elegantly simple design. Compared to the similar Tofteryd ($119), it’s also quite a bargain.

Materials: 2 Lack side table tops ($10), 2 Lillangen leg frames ($20), 1 Lack wall shelf ($15)

Total: $45.

Savings: $74.


The Malmese Twins TV Stand


a computer on a white shelf

Image credit: Dinah and Derek, IKEA Hackers.

When pressed for space, sometimes you have to get creative. That’s exactly what Dinah and Derek did above in placing two Malm bedside table together to create a TV stand. It seems so simple yet works surprisingly well at a fraction of the cost of a similarly priced Besta/Framsta combination set ($170).

Materials: 2 Malm nightstands ($60)

Total: $60.

Savings: $110.


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