Remember that time you saw an infomercial for Bowflex and bought it? At the time, you thought you’d be buff in no time, just like the models in the commercial. Now it’s sitting in your garage, gathering dust. The good news (or bad news) is that you are not alone. Lots of people out there have bought treadmills, elliptical machines, bowflexes and full on home gyms and never used them. As a result you can get a great deal buying used exercise equipment because people aren’t using them anymore!

We built the Priceonomics price guide for exercise equipment so you can find out the going rate for use gym equipment. Just search for anything on our site and we’ll tell you how much it’s worth. Get a good deal and get in great shape! Hopefully! To kick it off, Priceonomics contributor has some tips below on how to buy a treadmill. We’ll be sure to add guides for other fitness equipment soon!

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Lace up those new tennis shoes and make sure your iPod is loaded, we’re about to help you pick the treadmill of your dreams…ok, well, perhaps the treadmill that will get you to the body of your dreams! And much like those shiny new tennies, the treadmill you chose will have a major impact on the success of your fitness goals.

You’ve already taken step one – choosing to commit to fitness and add a treadmill to your home gym – so you’re ahead of the game. Now, let us help you stay there. When purchasing a treadmill for use at home, there are several things to take into consideration.



How much are you looking to spend? Treadmills can range from the low end of around $150, to upwards of thousands of dollars, so knowing how much you’ve got to work with right off the bat can really help to simplify the buying process. Of course, your budget will be key as you consider the other variables involved in your purchase.



How much “pavement” do you intend to pound as you work your way to fitness finesse? If you intend to run on this thing like a hamster on a ball, it may be best to save up a little extra for a higher quality option.



Does your home gym occupy its own room in your house, or does it slide in and out from under your bed with the jump rope, dumbbells, and ab roller? Treadmills come in all shapes and sizes, seriously. Many affordable models are so compact they can easily be tucked away (just don’t let out of sight, out of mind get the better of your exercise routine). Think about the space you have to work with, and go from there.


Bells and Whistles

Working out has come a long way since mom and dad bought their first thigh master and broke a sweat to a Jane Fonda VHS. Preset workout programs, heart rate monitors, fans, iPod hookups, and calorie counters can all add to the effectiveness, and the price, of your new purchase. And beware, though these sweet gadgets sound absolutely necessary in your goal of fitting into those new jeans by Memorial Day, keep in mind that these extras are often the least important and most easily disregarded aspects of the machine.



The bottom line in buying a treadmill is usability. Will you use this machine? If you can’t pull it out of your closet, or figure out how to turn it on, your new treadmill will be destined to become what so many before it have ended as –a clothes hanger.

So, again, congratulations on your decision to take your health and fitness goals into your own hands and purchase a treadmill for your home gym. If you take a few minutes now to think about your purchase, and make some educated decisions, you’ll surely be a happy, healthy runner, with the worn down tread on those tennies to prove it!