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Although most people might not recognize the Fuji brand name since it’s not sold in department stores, these bikes are known in cycling circles as high quality rides at affordable prices. At Priceonomics, we love Fuji bikes for this exact reason. In order to help you land an even better deal on your next Fuji bike, we’ve built a used price guide to help you sort through marketplaces. On the right you’ll find some of the most popular Fuji bikes on our site.


Below we’ve rounded up a quick review of our favorite bikes across three major categories: road, mountain, and hybrid. Make sure to note that Fuji bikes decrease in price as model numbers increase. In other words, the Roubaix 4.0 is the lowest end Roubaix and the Crosstown 1.0 is the highest end you can find. Enjoy!


Road Bike: Roubaix 1.0


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As a performance model road bike, the Roubaix is perfect for everything from entry level racing to quick training sprints. Although some riders might complain about the bike’s weight, you can’t beat this price on any other comparable road bike. Fair used price: $860.


Mountain BIke: Nevada 4.0


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Consider this ride if you’re looking for an entry-level hardtail mountain bike. Compared to similarly priced bikes, the Nevada 4.0 actually offers an incredibly light frame to tackle any sort of trail. Fair used price: $275


Hybrid Bike: Crosstown 2.0


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As mentioned in our hybrid bike guide, these type of bikes are designed for efficient and comfortable everyday commuting. The Crosstown will allow you to tackle uphill climbs and cruise on downhill slopes with ease. Fair used price: $250


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