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Segment was one of the first customers of Priceonomics Content Tracker, our dashboard for tracking the performance of your content marketing. This is an interview with Andy Jiang, Growth Marketer at Segment. 

Tracker is in beta and free to try out. You can learn more about it here.


1. Can you give us a little background on your company? What do you do? Why is your product/service awesome?

Segment is a customer data hub that simplifies analytics by sending customer data to over 160 different tools and data warehousing services.

Our product is awesome for three reasons: 1. It saves engineers from having to reinstrument tracking code multiple times. 2. It helps teams within companies be more effective and data driven by allowing everyone to make decisions based off of a single, consistent customer data set. 3. We provide a great platform for other companies to discover and use new marketing and analytics tools.

2.  Why does your company invest in making content? What’s the strategy behind it and what are your goals?

We’re in a young space where we’re defining the market. As such, our prospective audience needs an incredible amount of education before they are aware that they have this pain that we’re solving.

Our content focuses on the entire customer journey; each piece of content maps to a customer stage (from awareness to conversion and activation) as part of a holistic strategy to educate and empower our readers.

3. Can you tell us about a piece of content you made that you’re particularly proud of? What was the piece about? How did it become popular?

I like this one about our migration to a modern infrastructure. It became popular because we talked about how our infrastructure was back in the good ol’ days and where we are now. People (and especially engineers) love reading about the newest toys, and our post was a thoughtful review of why we think our current setup works for us.

4. Why does your company use Priceonomics Content Tracker? Any nice things to say about it?

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Content Tracker is a great way for us to learn about new distribution channels for our content. The web view is great for a high level overview of views, shares, and mentions (we spend a lot of time in the per-article view).

The Slack integration is great because it helps us find articles that link back to us in real-ish time; we then like to promote those articles on social media. The Slack integration also lets us know when a really old post gets some new love!


The Priceonomics Content Tracker is in beta and free to try out. It tracks the inbound links, social sharing, traffic, and conversions generated by your content marketing. It can even notify you in Slack when something awesome happens because of your content. You can learn more about Tracker here.