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The Priceonomics Content Conference is just two weeks away! We have speakers from a16z, Medium, Thumbtack, Slack and more. And of course you’ll hear from Priceonomics about how companies can turn data into great content. 

Ticket prices go up $100 on Friday, so if you’re thinking about going you should grab your ticket now. We just added a “remote” ticket option for those of you who can’t make it to San Francisco. 

One of the parts of the conference we are most excited about is the panel we put together to answer a question: what is interesting? We invited the people who run the biggest and most influential content curation sites to talk about how they identify and feature interesting content.

Three of the biggest and most influential content curation sites are NextDraft, REDEF and Digg and all of them agreed to participate in our panel. The panel will focus on what these tastemakers find interesting in content, and how their editorial approach to identifying content to highlight.

The panel participants are “friendly rivals” so, in additional to being informative, this should also be pretty entertaining.

Dave Pell, Founder of NextDraft

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NextDraft is a newsletter focused on finding the “most fascinating news” and sending it your way. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the newsletter is quite enormous (it’s one of the top 10 sources of traffic to Priceonomics most months). Dave is also an investor based in San Francisco.

Jason Hirschhorn, Founder of REDEF

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REDEF, a newsletter company, is one of the primary ways Priceonomics articles spread. Jason Hirschhorn and his team curate newsletters about topics like media, tech, and fashion read by media moguls, journalists, investors, and curious readers. Prior to REDEF, Jason was President at MySpace and before that, President at Sling Media.

Anna Dubenko, Editorial Director at Digg

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Every month, Digg is one of the top five sources of traffic to Priceonomics. If Anna Dubenko and her team think your article is interesting, Digg can direct a torrent of traffic to your site and help your content spread around the Internet. Anna was an Editor at the Huffington Post before making her way to Digg.


Finally, a couple of points on the tickets.

Ticket prices increase $100 on Friday 10/21. The conference is on November 1 in San Francisco, and most of the tickets are already sold out. 

If you can’t make it to San Francisco, we’ve also added a streaming ticket so you can attend the conference remotely (and get access to the videos afterwards so you can watch at your leisure).

If you’re considering attending, get your tickets now at the discounted rate.