Welcome to the price guide for used bikes made by Opus bikes. Through in any name of a bike made by Opus in the search box above and Priceonomics will instantly give you the fair market price. To kick of the price guide, we’re thrilled to have bike enthusiast and Priceonomics contributor Sarah Thomas write a review of her Opus Largo.


Opus Largo by Sarah Thomas


a bicycle with a yellow seat

My most recent acquisition is the Opus Largo. It’s a steel-framed Canadian touring bicycle, so it has a longer wheel base than most bikes and is ideal for long distance bicycle touring. I believe the one I have was built in 2010 and is a beautiful army green and brown.


I bought it second hand in Manhattan from a guy who had just ridden it from Toronto only 2 weeks earlier. At the time, I was in the middle of my own bike tour with my aluminium Fuji Finest, not the best choice for touring. With only a few days in NYC and a test ride around Central Park, I had to make an impulsive decision to buy it.


A year later, I am still very happy with my decision. The bicycle is very comfortable for long distance riding and very stable when loaded with panniers. It supports both front and rear racks, so I have could distribute the weight of my belongings more evenly than I could on my Fuji. This may have been added by the previous owner, but I really like that the rear fender has orange reflective tape on it. I did change the pedals and the saddle, and I added aerobars for additional comfort over long distances, but the bicycle itself is great. The frame geometry is comfortable and fits me well – for a large-sized frame, it’s only 52cm. The gears and components have yet to wear out, and the bike has taken me all over the east coast and to New Orleans.


My favorite part about the bike, aside from the colors, is that it was designed and manufactured in Montreal, unlike most Chinese frames these days. I have a special place in my heart for Montreal, where I lived for 4 years as an undergrad. It’s where I built my first bicycle from recycled parts and became a bicycle commuter.