Priceonomics is looking to hire an exceptionally talented lead writer for our blog.

Right now, we publish every two weeks about topics like product economics, our data, or things we find interesting. We’re looking for a prodigious talent to accelerate and improve this part of our company.

Priceonomics is a data company. We take unstructured data and turn it into usable information. This is our core DNA and underlies everything we do – our blog included. Applying this lens to content is one of our core advantages – it helps us stand out in a crowded, but lucrative space (product search) and helps fuel our rapid growth.

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You’ll be joining a talented team of hackers, data scientists and experienced entrepreneurs. A common adage in Silicon Valley is to hire engineers “100x” more productive than the average engineer. We’ve been fortunate to attract this level of technical talent to the company so far and are convinced this principle applies to writing as well.

At Priceonomics you’ll be part of a fast growing startup funded by some of the best investors in the world. Your talent as a writer will be recognized and you’ll be a critical part of our team. Clear thought and concise writing is a form of marketing that can reach millions of people. Writing and analysis helps us grow.

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We’re based in the Mission District of San Francisco and you’ll work from our office with the rest of the team.  We offer competitive salary, generous equity, healthcare, company provided food, a computer setup of your choice, and other fun startup benefits.

The Role

Your role will be to turn our blog from something that occasionally produces interesting analysis, to something that frequently produces interesting analysis. You’ll be expected to publish great work on daily basis and truly exceptional, thoroughly researched work on a weekly basis. We suspect there are only a handful of people in the world who can do this.

You should be:

  • Able to write clearly and with humor
  • Skilled at synthesizing lots of information and explaining complicated concepts simply
  • Proficient with basic statistics and microeconomics
  • Have a fascination with writing about seemingly mundane topics like Japanese toilets, the economics of living a van, the investment-worthiness of a SodaStream, and the per capita density of fixed gear bikes.
  • Be very good at coming up with interesting topics to write about. This might be the most important criteria.

We are interested in hearing from a wide range of applicants. You could be:

  • A smart writer who’s made some bad career decisions and is currently an analyst at McKinsey
  • An economics PhD who has decided they’d rather write for an audience of millions of people
  • Someone who currently works at a place like The Economist, WSJ, NY Times, Bloomberg, but wants more responsibility and freedom.
  • Anyone. As long as you’re really great.

It’s also nice if you’re fairly active on Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, or other platforms where awesome things spread. However, it’s more important that you are a creator of awesome things.

How to Apply

Send an email to with what you consider to be the relevant information. That would probably be some links to your work, your Linkedin, maybe some suggestions about what you’d like to write about at Priceonomics.  Show us you’re a great writer and that you have a knack for coming up with interesting things to write about.

We’re looking forward to working with you.

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– Team Priceonomics

This post was written by Rohin Dhar. Follow him on Twitter here or Google.  Get the latest from Priceonomics on Facebook or Twitter