The year was 1893 and Raleigh Cycles of Nottingham, England was the largest bike manufacturer in the world. Founded just 6 years earlier, Raleigh was among the first companies to capitalize on the industrial revolution and mass produce bicycles for the world market. Fast forward to present day and the company is now a shell of it’s former self with eroded market share, completely outsourced production, bought and sold by private equity firms every few year.


a man riding a bicycle

Raleigh founder Frank Bowden. Image credit: Raleigh Bicycles Blog.

And yet the brand Raleigh prevails and the company makes nice looking, affordable bicycles. Many of the most popular Ralegh brands can be purchased used for $100 to $200. The company also has an assortment of quality brand new bikes that can by purchased for under $500.


Here we have assembled or price guide for used Raleigh bicycles. You can see the most popular used Raleigh bikes in the right column of this page and use our search tool to find the price of any used Raleigh bicycle.


One thing we have to say about Raleigh though. Their vintage road bikes are gorgeous classics. We’ve assembled some of our favorite pictures of class Raleigh bikes here.


Raleigh Sport

a bicycle in a room

Image credit: velospace.

Raleigh Grand Prix

a red bicycle parked on grass

Image credit: Old Ten Speed.

Raleigh Roadster

a bicycle parked in a yard

Image credit: velospace.

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