a white t-shirt with blue text on it

Priceonomics is now available in t-shirt form! The shirts will be printed on very nice, light blue American Apparel shirts, and will feature the logo from our book cover as well as our tagline, “in data we trust.”

And here’s the best part: We were able to produce these quality shirts really inexpensively; for readers and friends of Priceonomics, they’re priced at cost!

Men’s sizes are $7.44 per shirt; women’s sizes are slightly cheaper, at $7.28 per shirt.

A blank American Apparel shirt runs about $18 in their stores. Teespring, who we’re using to handle the printing and distribution of the t-shirts, was generous enough to help us keep the prices of these shirts really, really, really low.

logo, company name

Detail from the Priceonomics T-Shirt

Caveats: To get these really low prices, 50 shirts need to sell first. If fewer than that sell, you won’t get charged however. (UPDATE: we hit the goal of 50 shirts already, so these t-shirts are happening!) There are, of course, some nominal shipping fees too, as these are physical products. Our campaign will last for the next 14 days at this price; once the goal is met, the shirts will ship! After that, they’re gone.

Here’s the link to buy the shirts.

We hope you enjoy them!