Dear Priceonomics Blog readers,

Here are some links you might be interested in checking out because you have a bit of a contrarian streak and are frankly, kind of a nerd. Enjoy.

1. Why I Choose to Be Child-Free


How’s this for the ultimate lifestyle hack to save money and increase personal freedom – the decision not to have children.

2. The Queen’s New Gambit: Chess as a Great American Spectator Sport


The Rick Pitino of the chess world. Inside the world of competitive college chess.

3. Jewish delis in a pickle


Across America, Jewish delis are going out of business at an astonishing rate.

4. The Norwegian prison where inmates are treated like people

A cushy prison with surprisingly effective results. The inmates, which include rapists and murders, live in perhaps the most luxurious prison in the world.

5. Dwarf Fortress: Ten hours with the most inscrutable video game of all time


Considered by many to be the hardest videogame of all time.

6. Racial Quotas, Harvard, and the Legacy of Bakke 


Why does Caltech have more Asians than other comparable schools?

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