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Now you can use Priceonomics Content Tracker on Medium if your company blog is hosted there.

Medium, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is large blogging platform. Many companies have their company blogs on Medium since it has a nice CMS, gives your content some added exposure, and supports custom domains so you can host the blog on your own URL.

Content Tracker is a free dashboard we built at Priceonomics for tracking how your content marketing is performing. Tracker measures inbound links, conversions, social sharing, and traffic generated by your content. Tracker also gives you notifications in Slack (or email) when people mention your articles on Twitter or link to them.

Content Tracker is free and you can sign up here.

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For quite some time, Content Tracker could measure the performance on any kind of blog (wordpress, tumblr, your own custom blog). There was one glaring exception, however.

Until now, Content Tracker did not work that well with Medium blogs. Supporting Medium was our number one feature request, and now we can do it!

In order for Content Tracker to work properly on Medium, however, you must have Google Analytics running on your Medium blog. Before, this was not possible to do, but Medium recently changed that policy.

Medium now allows you to run your own Google Analytics if you have a custom domain (ie blog.yourcompany.com). That means you can use Content Tracker and get access to all sorts of goodies like receiving Slack notifications when someone links to your articles or mentions it in a tweet:


So, if you want to use Content Tracker on Medium, two caveats:

1. It must be a custom domain. You can learn more about that here.

2. You must be running your own Google Analytics on it. To install your own Google Analytics script on your Medium custom domain, see the directions here.

We hope you’ll try out Content Tracker. It’s a simple to use analytics platform geared toward content marketing. The basic measurement tools, Slack integrations, Twitter monitoring and editorial calendar are all free. 

You can sign up here.