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Founded in 1895, Schwinn has provided the US with over a century of reliable and affordable bikes. Although today the company focuses its efforts on mountain and hybrid bikes, Priceonomics decided to take a look at some of the classic cruisers from decades past. If you’re in the market for a vintage Schwinn, we hope this post offers some perspective on your range of options. If you’re not, it’s still easy to appreciate the beauty of old school rides.


Schwinn Triplet


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Image credit: Schwinn Cruisers.

The Priceonomics founders could easily imagine commuting to work on a fixie triplet. They were produced in extremely limited quantities throughout the twentieth century mostly as boardwalk cruisers. You’ll pay the price for a low supply as an eBay auction from a year ago had this tandem priced at $4,950.


1934 Aerocycle


a red bicycle with black wheels

Image credit: Vintage Schwinn.

Complete with a faux gas tank, this Schwinn cruiser resembled a motocycle in order to attract a younger crowd to cycling. Largely considered one of the first cruiser bikes in the US, today the Aerocycle largely floats in separate parts across eBay.


1953 Corvette


a red bicycle parked on grass

Image credit: Motored BIkes.

Much like the car of similar name, this model was considered a sportier alternative. Today the Corvette maintains its steel frame and fork style design as part of Schwinn’s Signature Collection. Interestingly, both vintage and modern models are offered at around $250 on used markets.


1955 Deluxe Hornet


a bicycle parked on a road

Image credit: Vintage Schwinn.

If you’re looking to land vintage rides for the whole family, swipe this cruiser for your kids. Complete with horn, headlights, and luggage carrier, it wouldn’t be impossible to imagine your kids riding around in classic style. Used vintage prices range from $200-$500.


1959 Schwinn Panther

a red bicycle with a white background

Image credit: Schwinn Cruisers.

Take a ride with your kids in the similarly styled Schwinn Panther. You’ll probably earn plenty of street credit in your neighborhood as the family with the vintage cruisers. The panther is priced around $300 in used markets.


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