If you need to get a washing machine, buying it used is a great way to save some money. When people are moving or if they upgrade machines, they’ll often sell it on Craigslist. Since this is a very heavy item, the washing machine is typically priced really well so that you have an incentive to come and lug it home.

To aid you in getting a good deal on used washing machine, we’ve built a price guide for washing machines. Just search for any type of clothes washer you’re considering and we’ll tell you the fair price for it. Below is a very basic primer on the types of washing machines to get you started. Happy shopping!

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The major factors you should consider before purchasing the right washing machine are: the kind of clothes you wear, the daily wear and tear your clothes face, the amount of space available in your home, and cleaning efficiency/energy consumption.

Types of Washing Machines

The three basic types of washing machines are top loader, high energy top loader and front loader. Front loading washing machines are the most energy efficient – they typically have higher capacity, which means you will have to wash fewer loads. Front loaders also use less water and have high spin efficiency, which makes clothes more dry at the end of the wash cycle. Efficient water removal saves both time and energy when using the dryer. Also, front loaders have a space-advantage because they can be stacked. The downside of front loaders is that they can be very expensive, vibration is high and the design makes them prone to trap water, which causes a musty odor.

Top loading washing machines have shorter washing cycles, vibrate less and some models allow you to add clothes after the cycle starts. Top loaders require less bending during use and tend to be less expensive.