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1) Why Traffic Happens

In the words of the author of a book on traffic, “Mythbusters could do an entire season on traffic myths.” We also finally learn why traffic so often seems to come to a standstill without any apparent cause. 

2) Putting Time Into Perspective

A series of visualizations premised on the idea that people are bad at putting time in perspective. How so? Lincoln’s presidency seems like ancient history to young’uns like this author, but a 90 year-old’s date of birth is closer to the Lincoln assassination than to the current day. Also, Ancient Egypt was around for a really long time.

3) The Psychiatric Drug Crisis

What happened to psychiatry’s magic bullet? That’s the question behind this New Yorker piece that investigates the “devastatingly effective myth” that mental problems like depression can be cured simply by alleviating chemical imbalances in the brain. 

4) No Comments

The story of how we got from the Internet to the painfully inarticulate comments at the bottom of every article and YouTube video.

5) The Market Failure of First Dates

If you missed it, read our economic take on the dating scene that explains the market inefficiencies responsible for all your bad first dates.

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