a planet in space

1) How Many Earths?

Based on the work of the Kepler telescope, this beautiful visualization shows why “the chances that we’re alone in the cosmos seem very slim, indeed.”

2) The Great Marijuana Crash of 2011

The story of how marijuana went legit in Colorado.

3) The Shadow Commander

Although the topic falls outside Priceonomics’s bailwick, this is longform journalism at its best. By telling the story of Wassem Suleimani, “the Iranian operative who has been reshaping the Middle East,” author Dexter Filkins gives an astounding account of the true story of the Middle East – from the beginning of the Afghan War to the current war in Syria – taking place in the shadows.

4) Amazon is not Killing Independent Bookstores

It’s common wisdom that Amazon is killing bookstores. It’s true that souless chain bookstores are struggling, but independent bookstores are actually growing. A reminder that the small and artisanal has a place amongst automization and economies of scale.

5) Is College Worth It?

If you missed it, read our investigation of whether a college degree is still a sound investment. It’s a long read, but you can also just spend a minute seeing how your alma mater stacks up compared to its rival.

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