Find your favorite place to sit, make a nice cup of tea, and enjoy these thoughtful articles.

1. A Tale of Two Londons


How a small pocket of London has become a tax haven for shady Russian billionaires, among others.

2. Unfit for Work


The staggering rise in the number of Americans (including children) who receive disability payments from the government. 

3. High Priest of App Design, at Home in Philly


A profile of Loren Brichter, iPhone app design virtuoso.

4. Lights, Cameras, Revolution


How NBA teams are building simulation models to improve performance and evaluate players.

5. Good luck, bad luck, who knows?

Entrepreneur Joseph Walla talks about how to approach good and bad fortune with equanimity.

Bonus: Best Tweet of the Week

Box CEO Aaron Levie, after the Harvard mens basketball team pulled off an upset victory in the NCAA tournament:

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