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Which Car Color is Most Popular in Your State?

The most and least popular car colors in America, in each state, and for specific types of vehicles.

The Most (and Least) Popular Places for Driving Hybrids/EVs in America

The states where people buy green cars and the ones that don’t. Plus ranking the most popular green cars solid in America.

What’s the Most (and Least) Popular LaCroix Flavor?

People like LaCroix sparking water. A lot. The most popular flavor? Grapefruit…

The Ticket Demand Index: Ranking the Most Popular Visiting Sports Teams

We analyzed sports ticket sales to see when prices spiked based on the visiting team.

Ranking the Most Popular Memers on the Internet

Who is the most influential memer on the Internet and each social network?

Ranking the Most Popular Websites by Demographic

Which sites have the largest percentage of their visitors that are men, women, millennials, seniors, rich people, and more?

Where is Craft Beer Most Popular in America?

Which cities and states have the highest density of craft breweries?

Ranking the Most Popular Writers & Media Sites on the Internet

Which writers and media sites are most popular on the Internet?

What’s the Most Popular Time of Year to Get Married?

Though most Americans choose to get married on a Saturday in the warmer months, the popularity of wedding dates are scattered throughout the year and depend on where you live.

What Is Shakespeare’s Most Popular Play?

Shakespeare is the most important writer in the history of the English language. Which play is his seminal work?

When Did Charts Become Popular?

There were no charts in the newspaper 100 years ago. Today, data visualization in the media is ubiquitous. What took so long?

What Are the Most Popular Marijuana Products?

Where weed is legal, data shows that chocolates, resins and even sodas are becoming common ways to get high.

Where Is Yoga Most Popular in the United States?

Where is yoga most popular in America? And where are you most likely to see people wearing yoga pants?

You Are What You Drive: The Most Popular Cars in American Cities

Where are people most likely drive American? Which cities have an unusual number of hybrid owners? We explore the car buying choices that make American cities unique.

Does Being Unpopular With the Opposite Sex Lead to Better Grades?

A better GPA might be the silver lining of having fewer friends of the opposite sex.