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“The only business models I want to work on any more have some mass-market component that is absolutely free, and a niche companion product that makes money off of the exhaust fumes of the mass-market component.”

Joel Sposky, Hacker News Comment

Priceonomics structures data for fun and profit. We write about data on this blog and it’s a lot of fun and reaches lots and lots of people.  We’ve also started making money helping companies acquire and structure data that they really need.

It’s a pretty exciting time for us and we’re looking to grow our engineering team. If we get this right, we could revolutionize how companies get data and prove that content is valuable.

And we’ll have fun and make a dent in the universe. Interested in joining us? We have two openings right now:

1. Distributed Crawling Engineer

We’re looking for someone to own data crawling. You will basically be head of data at Priceonomics if you’d prefer a fancier title.  Good data science requires that we build very comprehensive data sources, and you will be in charge of this.

We currently acquire and structure data from many different sources and we’re looking to add more to the mix. You’ll help figure out the insights from this data that we can use to write awesome blog posts and also generate revenue from businesses.

Apply for this job if you are thrilled by the idea of extracting data from the web. You should also be up for the technical challenge of figuring out how to do this at scale, probably in a distributed way.

You can read the full job description and application instructions here:

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2. Full Stack Web Engineer with Focus on Data Visualization

We love to tell stories using data. In our humble opinion, the best stories are told with compelling data visualizations. To us, it’s remarkable that almost every piece of content and journalism on the web is just a static image.  In our own work, we are trying to change this.

We’re looking to hire a talented full stack engineer whose greatest aspiration is to make data visualizations that reach millions of people and help them make sense of the world.

You’ll be responsible to coming up with amazing visualization for our blog, and building the many features to take our publishing to the next level. You’ll be in charge of everything we do that is consumer-facing (this blog, visualizations, other projects we’re working on).

This is a unique opportunity because you’ll get to build data visualizations that instantly reach a massive audience. If this sounds like a challenge you want to take on, this is the job for you.

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We look forward to working with you.